The Decision

About a year ago, Adam and I were talking about what our plans were for the holiday’s.  We typically travel to see family or they travel to see us.  This is usually considered our “vacation”.  As we do consider it “vacation”, we haven’t been on a vacation, just the two of us, no dogs, no plans in almost 4 years.  Mind you that our anniversary is December 28th.  So this trip usually includes our “anniversary” time.  While we were talking about what our plans for this year, this is how the conversation went:

Adam:  “I have a proposal for you.

Me:  (hesitating to ask) “Ok? What is it”

Adam:  “How about from now on, we don’t buy each other anniversary gifts."

Me:  (again hesitating) “ Ok?”

Adam:  “Instead of buying each other gifts, lets go on a trip every year!  There is only one catch….”

Me:  (you see where this is going)…”Ok?  What is the catch?”

Adam:  “We have to pick somewhere new every year, places that we have never been to, and won’t go back to the same place twice. And….You have to document each one of these trips.”

Me:  “I’M IN!!  Lets start planning now!”

When “someone” told me that they would give us the opportunity to use a timeshare anywhere, we jumped right on it for this years trip.  I began researching places that we could go!  Since we are trying to save as much money as we can to continue working on the house, we decided we needed to pick somewhere we could drive.  Max Drive time according to Adam was 10 hours.  We couldn’t be driving in the dark of course.  We. are. old. 

After much research, we decided on Gatlinburg, TN.  We have never been, but have heard wonderful things about it. 

So that’s it.  We are now on our trip and I plan to keep up my end of the bargain!  Here begins the documentation of our fun journey this year!