Gatlinburg Day 1 ….Travel

We woke up at a reasonable hour to get the truck all loaded up.  Waited for the “sheetrock guy” to show up so Adam could explain what we wanted done.  Don’t worry, the dogs are being taken care of by Jason and our neighbor friend.  I know you were all worried about them:)(shout out to mom)

We got on the road, picked up our usual travel breakfast at Whataburger.  And we were OFF!

The trip is about 8.5 hours, so you know I  had to come up with things to pass the time.  We had a great setup with our portable DVD player and watched The Sentinel.  Oldie but goodie.  As you can see, we had a great setup!


I got some practice in on braiding my hair=bored and not any better, I need my hair stylist friends to give me some pointers!IMG_0270

reading up on my camera, reading Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers,

trying to talk to Adam…someone who could ride 8.4 hours in silence if I would let him.  HA, we know that didn’t happen. 


We began counting the number of times they played the same songs over and over again on XM.  Here are the Hit overplayed songs from the day:

Katy Perry – Firework- SO TIRED OF THIS ONE!

Sugarland – Stuck like Glue- LOVE IT!

Pink – Perfect- Tired of this one too!

Zach Brown Band – Walk Away- Like it!

Pink – Raise your glass - AH

The list went on! 

We didn’t stop to eat, we just picked up lunch on the road because we wanted to get there!  We had never heard of Jacks, but we decided to be brave and try it.  Pretty good chicken strips!                                   IMG_0256

I am getting excited to see what the place is going to be like when we get there.  We have no clue what to expect.  As you probably know, its hard to know the truth about things that you see on the internet! 

I have a list of things to do in the area  complied from friends’ ideas and experiences!  Should be a blast!

Until Then.