Now and Then

Christmas then: December felt like it lasted three and a half years.
Christmas now: It's the second week in December and I think, "Uh Excuse me, but wasn't Halloween just last week? And now you want me to shop and wrap presents, decorate and somehow find the time to bake really great holiday treats(well we know I wouldn’t do that anyway!) and …..WAIT! I haven’t even had the chance to watch Elf or Christmas Vacation YET SO PLEASE DON'T SAY CHRISTMAS IS A COUPLE OF WEEKS AWAY AHHHHH."

Christmas then: Shopping was done with mom, dad and Julie. Trying on clothes from, now looking back, were REALLY nice stores that I don’t even step foot in these days! There was always an occasional fight with Julie. She HATED shopping for Christmas clothes and Easter dresses. Thanks Mom and Dad for always making Christmas so special.
Christmas now: Trying to find a gift for the husband that he actually wants/hasn't bought for himself/won't buy for himself before Christmas. And shopping for the rest of the family, which isn't bad, I actually quite enjoy this part! Coming up with ideas for gifts that adults really need/want and will actually get use out of is hard to do!

Christmas then: All I wanted for Christmas was a moped, with matching Helmet + Clothes, clothes and more clothes; while Julie wanted a drum set….this is a whole other story together. We got both and were both thrilled….
Christmas now: Wishlist for Christmas this year is a Nikon camera and a Road Bike. While both are out of my league haha….I would shout for joy if Santa happened to bring me a subscription to Real Simple Magazine, some more Friends episodes on DVD ,or some Reeses Christmas trees for my stocking.....interesting how our taste over the years change!

Christmas then: The month of December was filled with flurries of snow and ICE! Lakeside December’s were wonderful! “Dad, lets go for a car ride out on the ice! I am sure we can get out if we get stuck….” Don’t worry…we got stuck and got out.
Christmas now: Since this year, we have the pleasure of driving WAAY up north to Arkansas for Christmas….we would usually only just be dreaming of a white Christmas….but this year, we actually may get one! We also will have the fun of being at the lake with the WONDERFUL fireplace and screening in the front porch! Fun has definitely changed over the years!

Christmas then: Driving around in the country looking at Christmas lights, then dinner at our house for Christmas Eve with family! Working puzzles, eating, playing games, eating….you see where I am going with this right?
Christmas now: Knowing that if I were in town, I would probably be working on Christmas Eve. Wondering why can't the whole world shut down for the holidays? I could have sworn, that's how we always thought it would be when we were children right? At least this year we get to enjoy Christmas time with Family and Friends. I'm so thankful for family time!

Christmas then: Julie and I sleeping in the same bed, waking up at the crack of dawn to see if Santa came. No, really, it was the crack of dawn. Like 6:00 AM….. my dad always came in and said “let’s go see if Santa came!”. We always get that wonderfully-attractive "just rolled out of bed, sleeping in dads t-shirts, floppy socks" photo in front of the fireplace.
Christmas now: Snuggling with the husband and pups in bed until after 7:00AM, because who wants to get up at 6:00AM on a holiday? Wake up to a nice fire and family….. nice.

Christmas then: Spending entirely too long trying to get the newest doll or toy out of those wire things that refuse to break free from their cardboard hold. "Daaaad! Help me with this! I can’t get it open…**whine whine whine**
Christmas now: The relaxation will kick in…..Julie will be Santa and distribute the presents, (as I have made her do since she was 12) …I will then relish in families faces as they open their gifts. After everything is cleaned up and we eat some of mom’s breakfast casserole, get all the dogs ready for a long walk out at lakeside, then come back probably for a nap….what a treasure!

What are some Christmas "Now and Then’s" for you?


Charity December 8, 2008 at 1:08 PM  

Trayc, What a wonderful wonderful post! I remember that year your family picked out a 3-d puzzle to do before Christmas... it was so hard, and to this day I don't know if I could put one together. I also remember the Christmas that you, me, Julie, and our moms went to see the Preacher's Wife and shopping at Best Buy for a black light---remember? we got neon bands on our braces so we could stare at eachother in the black light... ah, the good ole days. I'll do a version of this post on my site soon!

Anonymous December 8, 2008 at 4:35 PM  

Christmas Then-
my sister always got bronchitis right before Christmas. Every Christmas video of our family has her coughing every 5 seconds. And Christmas morning always smelled like Vick's Vap-O-Rub.

Christmas Now-
My sister's kids both have colds and are coughing. What a wonderful tradition for her to pass on to them. :)

Husband December 8, 2008 at 6:10 PM  

hey I want a BOAT! I havent bought that yet and probably wont before Christmas! I love you your so creative and sweet!

Ashley Scott...Oh the Randomness December 9, 2008 at 11:54 AM  

this was a cute idea for a blog!! i can't wait to see you guys this can add that to your christmas now!

Anonymous December 9, 2008 at 1:20 PM  

What a cute Christmas-themed blog you have!