Gatlinburg Day 3…SKI DAY


So we started the day off by sleeping in, cooking cinnamon rolls and drinking our coffee.  We then gathered up our “ski clothes” and headed up to the mountain.  I am not sure that either of us really had an idea of what it was going to be like, but we were really excited.  We stood in line, got our boots fitted and got our skis.  I told Adam it reminded me of a mixture of going to Wild River Country and Ice Skating.  Wild River Country, I remember standing in forever lines, everything costs money and there were many different stations to move through.  Ice Skating, I remember having to get fitted in your skates, trying to find a place where to put your boots on, little kids screaming because they can’t walk….you see where this is going. 

Once we figured out a way not to spend $15 on a locker(by simply taking our stuff right back out the front doors to our truck), we were off to the slopes.  This is a bit different than Breckenridge, where I have been before.  A ton smaller, not as many trail options and snow ONLY on the trails.  At Ober Mountain, they make their own snow if they don’t have enough for skiing.  At least until summer I believe. 

Once we got on the first lift of the day, guess who fell getting off the lift, slid down on my bum, got snow all down my pants?  Who you ask?  Me:)  This would be my first and LAST fall for the day.  As for Adam, I was afraid that he would be a master skier and I would be left behind, as he reminded me again, but I felt pretty good about how I was doing.  He had this “need for speed” that I just didn’t have.  He said it was easier just to go straight down the mountain, rather than try to do turns….I, however, did not feel this way!  I am a bit more of a cautious skier.  I won’t mention the number of times that he fell….I don’t think I can count that high. ha  Ober Mountain had 9 trails and today we skied 7 of the 9.   The other two were just a bit too scary for our first day!                                                                                            DSC00087DSC00075 DSC00076

We ate lunch at the little lounge at the top of the mountain.  I think we were both so hungry that we would have eaten anything!  Our legs were beginning to get tired by this time!

DSC00078            DSC00079DSC00080                                   DSC00081 DSC00082                           DSC00083DSC00084                                    DSC00085DSC00086

Now sitting by the fire, getting ready to go enjoy our Valentine’s Dinner at Park Grill.

Until Next Time