Gatlinburg Day 2….Poking around

Sunday, Day 2, was what we like to call in my family, a Poking around day.  Nothing in particular to do, just poke around!  We made a trip into Pigeon Forge to Walmart to stock up on coffee and breakfast stuff. 

After that we ate at The Old Mill Pottery Barn Restaurant.  We were pleased with lunch.  Good home cooked southern food. This was on the list of things from friends that we “must” do while here.  After lunch we walked around the Old Mill District.  Not too much to see there, but did take a few pictures next to the mill.

IMG_0330 IMG_0314 IMG_0315                                     IMG_0317 

After The Old Mill, we decided to go check out “the best” and largest flea market in the “world”.  Can I just say, Flea Markets are strange…..very strange.  I guess I am more of an antique girl, not so much a leather belts, knives, a dozen socks for $2.00, and air soft guns type of girl.  It was the most random, weird place.  We just had to laugh at ourselves for going.  We were definitely out of place.  Glad to say we have been, but not going back. 


We decided to drive up the mountain to see where we would be skiing.  Of course you can’t go to the top of the mountain without paying, so we decided to wait for another day.  We did drive the motor nature trail right around from our condo.  Its beautiful up here, a little snow in the higher elevations.  The Temperature has been very pleasant in the day, chilly at night.

We didn’t want anything very heavy for dinner so we ate at Blain’s Bar and Grill.  It was just ok food.  Won’t be making a second visit there! 

We did however, get to watch part of the Grammy’s which of course made me happy!

Tomorrow we go SKIING!  I am so excited and nervous that I won’t remember how to do it!  I will leave you with what Adam woke me up saying this morning:

Adam:  “Tracy, I’m sorry, but I won’t hesitate to leave you on the Bunny or small slopes, so you better be good and be able to keep up”

Me: HA “When was the last time you went skiing?  When you were 12?”

Adam:  “Yeah, so?”


Adam:  “I can’t wait to find some ramps and try some jumps”


Adam:  “I don’t ever want to get scared of hurting myself as I get older, so I am going to do some crazy stuff”

Me: HAHAHA “When we rent our skis and stuff, we need to check with them to make sure that they have an ambulance available at the bottom.”

Can I just add that I am laughing so much on this trip.  It has been very good for both of us!  Me laughing at him… of course.  And I plan on adding to the laughing tomorrow when I see how we really are at skiing.