Catching up is all I seem to do!

I know it has been FOREVER since an update, but I guess its better late than never(for those that read this!) 

There has been so much going on around here!  Trip to Orlando for FRSA, friends and family in town and of course the ongoing work on our house!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Orlando Trip:

P6130212Final night of convention

 P6110190 Big Hat Tea with the Ladies ProgramP6110193 P6120194 Motown Night!P6120195 P6120203 I got Adam to actually dress up this year!  We had a ball!


I got a ticket give to me from a good friend for helping her get ready for her wedding!  What a great concert!

michael2 michael michael1

Friends from Arkansas:

The Scott Familythescotts 100_3767 Enjoying the beach

Precious Baby Beckett!100_3771 babyb 

Heather and Chris stayed with us for a while!heatherandchris

Best Friends!highschoolfriends


vialas  cutefamily cutefamily2 family girlsanddad goodsisters momanddad momandgirlssisters3Me and mom waiting on the Edwards Roofing truck to pick us up!meandmom AND HERE IT IS!  meanddadpreciousa babya2PRECIOUS BABY AIDEN(so glad I got to spend some time with this little man)

sisters sisters2  Wonderful to see Sister again!



Copy of 100_3707 New floors before stain and seal100_3710 100_3711 100_3714We picked Early American for the stain color                                            Painting Guest/Office100_3715 100_3716          The Floor Nail Gun of course!100_3718                                        Beginning to lay down the floors100_3719 100_3753                                                                                      The Tile in our bathroom!100_3756 100_3757 100_3758100_3755  100_3764100_3765100_3766100_3775100_3776100_3777100_3780100_3781                             Finishing the Floors in guest/office100_3759100_3760 100_3761 100_3762 100_3763      NO MORE MOBILE CLOSET!!!  100_3778 100_3779 

Our Bedroom Floors(Unfinished) 100_3782 100_3783 Copy of 100_3706


I know it is lots of updates!  I will try to do better!  Hope everyone is have a WONDERFUL SUMMER!!!


Anonymous July 25, 2010 at 10:26 AM  

WOW!! So much to see!

Aiden is adorable and your family is looking so cute!

The house is going to be amazing! I love the floors!