Here is what we are up to!


If you can’t tell what that is pictured above, it is our training schedule for the triathlon that we are going to do in October.  Adam, being a college swimmer and competitive swimmer his whole life, has this discipline thing down easy.  not so easy for me, but I have to say that i am doing good! 

we got Adam’s bike last weekend and it has been even more fun to have someone to ride along with you!  here are the pictures of our bikes, you can also see in the picture our temporary wall that STILL splits our house in two.  hopefully soon, we will have a TEARING DOWN THE WALL PARTY! 

100_3641                                          100_3496

Adam’s bike                                                                                             My bike

Will keep you updated on our process!  AND I should have some new pictures of the house progress here soon!


Anonymous May 5, 2010 at 9:53 PM  

Hope your trip to Vegas was fun! Check out facebook page. I've put your flowers on there and a Sunday with Aunt Betty and PeePaw.

I've found a new group! Train. Make me a cd for this summer!

Thank you for the surprise box from Bath & Body!!!!! Summer smells make me get excited about our trip to Florida!