A little Radomness and Thanksgiving

We had such a wonderful time this Thanksgiving! My boss let us use their condo out on the beach for the festivities while my family was down. We thoroughly enjoyed everyone being together for the holidays! Just wish my PeePaw and Sister could have been here too!

Adam's camera has all the pictures from the holiday and I don't have the correct cord here at home to upload them. I promise a post with pictures soon to follow.

For now I will leave you will a little Randomness that I found on a word document that I came across! I must have done this a while back for a post and never did it!

maybe I should try harder to stay in contact with old friends and family
I love spending the evenings with Adam, the dogs, reading on the beach or by the pool, playing soccer and seeing children progress in things that they love.
people would say that I am scary when they first meet me...still don't understand this one life is full of joy if you take the time to find it
I get annoyed when there is sand in the bed, which is most of the time
I wish I had more time with my family; distance really stinks
dogs are my children...what else would they be?I have low tolerance for people who lie
I’m totally terrified of being far away and something happening to my family AND Adam being eaten by a shark
I wonder why I ended up with such a sweet husband
Never in my life have I been to the West coast.
high school was fun...now that I look back on it
when I’m nervous I get splotches on my chest and neck AND chew on my cuticles
take my advice: try to find joy in all you do.
I'm almost always singing a song in my head.
I’m addicted to Karen Kingsbury books, naturally, Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters
I want someone to come finish our house.....for free.

Current Book(s):
“Take One” by Karen Kingsbury, Redeeming Love (2nd time) by Francine Rivers

Current Music:Avalon Christmas, Christina Aguliera Christmas, David Phelps Christmas, Mariah Carey Christmas, Point of Grace Christmas....see the trend:)

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:Tortilla chips and Chili's queso and salsa....could drink the stuff

Current Obsessions:Modern Family, Brothers and Sisters(tv shows) the only two that I can say I am “committed”to and reading up on DIY blogs....I definitely have over 70 blogs in my reader now!

Current Movie:Four Christmases! Just got it today!

Current Christmas-List:
Subscription to Real Simple
Manicure, Pedicure
Euphoria perfume
Friends DVD's
The new Donald Miller book
Bath and Body anything
Road bike(a girl can dream)
Nikon Camera (dream again:)
Anything for the HOUSE!

Current Triumph(s):
Something that I discovered at work that was “mysterious” and helped solve it and put an end to!

Current Goal(s):
Get back to running or riding bikes more often
Do a triathlon next October

Current Blessing:My family's health!

Current Excitement:Going home after Christmas to see family and friends!
Getting my gymnasts ready for their first competitions ever!
Seeing progress on our house!

Current Mood:Worn out, but pleased with life!


Heather December 3, 2009 at 7:43 AM  

This was a wonderful read! I can tell you're doing well, and you're happy and life's been good to you.
I must say I was also sad...I haven't talked to you in Forever! I miss you!
Hope you have the BEST weekend, and hopefully I'll see you soon!!

christschild December 3, 2009 at 8:54 AM  

Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving...are you ready for Christmas now? I see you've been listening to Christmas music. I have too for a while now:) It's my favorite time of the year. Have a great day!