Sorry it has been a while for an update. We finally got internet at the house so I will be able to update more often hopefully!

Not sure if all of you know, but I decided to quit my job at the construction company. Just needed more structure and organization in my life. I need to be able to know that I can come home from work, and truly come home mentally. I wasn't able to do that there, so I decided to do what was best for me.

With that said, I am working full time now at The Funplex! It is where I have been teaching gymnastics since we moved back, and in addition to teaching, they are letting me take over the bookkeeping and managing the front desk! I am SO excited! It was such a pleasure going to work this week and that really excites me!

I am also going to start doing some work for my graphic design friend again on the side. SO MUCH FUN! AND as you all know, we have SO much work to do here at the house, so I feel like now I will be able to help out here more!

Ok...now to the actual title of this post. RAZORBACK BASEBALL! Adam is in Arkansas this weekend for a college friends wedding. Jason(Adam's Brother) and I are going to drive to Tallahassee tomorrow morning for the baseball finals! I am so excited! AND my aunt and uncle are also down to see the games, which will also be fun!

Well...until next time!
p.s. We also got a new desktop computer and it doesn't have a memory disk to add new pictures! I will have to find my camera cord! Will update when able.